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Lifebroker.ie is not an insurance company. We are independent financial advisers with links to leading Irish life insurance providers, but totally independent of them.

We are not owned, employed or influenced by any company. Our quotes and the information in them are totally unbiased. And when you request a quote, all information you provide including your email address, remain strictly confidential.

Professional Commitment

As a member of the Irish Brokers Association you can be sure of our commitment to professional conduct and customer relations.

More Than Just a Quote

The premiums listed in our quotes are already some of the most competitive available in Ireland. But we don´t stop there. Wherever possible we cut these standard premiums even further by reducing our earnings through special arrangements with each insurer.

More than 15 Years of Experience in Irish Life Insurance

Our expertise in the life insurance market goes back to 1995, long before the internet began to flourish. At that time, and until recently, our main focus was as independent financial advisers. Today, in the age of instant information, more people understand their financial planning needs and precisely which solutions are needed to meet them. So there has emerged a demand for quality protection products which give value for money. This was the original motivation behind Lifebroker.ie, to offer Ireland’s best cover at discounted rates.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Whilst Lifebroker.ie gives no advice you can be certain you are dealing with qualified staff who know life insurance inside out.

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