Switch & Save

Switch your existing policy with us and save up to 80% on your first year’s premium

If you have a mortgage protection policy or term life insurance policy, we welcome the opportunity to re-quote your business. We’ll try to replace your existing policy with a new insurer with the same terms and conditions for a cheaper premium than you are currently paying. With most types of life insurance you have the right to switch to a new provider without penalty at any time.

Switch and Save

As consumers, more and more of us are finding that switching our accounts can save a lot of money. Whether it's insurance, banking, phones or mortgages, more and more of us are shopping around for much better deals.

It doesn't take as much effort as people might think, and remember that any savings you make aren't just a one-off - they accumulate year on year. So even if you only save a few Euros initially, think how much you'll save over the long term.

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You’ll save money in every year for the life of the policy

We can achieve these savings because we’re a specialist life insurance broker. We’ve stripped away the complexity that traditional brokers have created leaving us with a focused, highly efficient business.

To be eligible for the premium price reduction, your personal circumstances such as your health and smoking status must be the same as when you purchased your existing policy and your policy must contain Life Cover only. There are however major savings to be made if you’ve changed your smoking status from a smoker to a non-smoker since taking out your existing cover. 

What about switching my mortgage protection policy?

This is one of the most common forms of life insurance, because mortgage lenders require this kind of cover as a condition of giving you a loan. If you have already been dealing directly with a mortgage lender, you will invariably have been offered its own mortgage protection product. But under consumer law you have the freedom to shop around for another company's product at any time. You do not have to take the policy on offer by your lender. In the case of interest only loans the lender may have required you to take out a level term life insurance policy and the same applies here also, you are free to switch your cover at any stage if you feel you can get better value elsewhere.

But does that mean I have to move my mortgage too?

No. You can keep your mortgage with your old lender, but move the mortgage protection or life insurance policy to someone offering better value.

To switch your existing policy:

  • Contact us for a quotation
  • Complete and return the application form we post to you
  • We’ll have your application assessed and contact you with a formal offer to switch

That’s it!

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