Financial Health Check

Lifebroker Financial Health Check is a process that involves identifying your goals, establishing priorities, and assessing your available options to help you achieve these goals. It provides a sound foundation for you to build a more secured financial future.

We understand that putting a plan in place to achieve your financial goals requires both objective and professional advice. That's why Lifebroker has a team of dedicated Financial Services Consultants to assist you to plan for your financial future.

Once our Financial Services Consultants have analysed your financial situation, you will be able to determine areas of concern in your financial situation. Most of you will face concerns such as the need to provide for your children's education, the need to save up for retirement or to pay for hospitalisation expenses at some point in time. To maintain your current lifestyle, regardless of lives events, it is important you plan in advance for such concerns.

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Why Do A Lifebroker Financial Health Check

Doing a Lifebroker Financial Health Check is similar to that of a medical health check-up. While the medical health check-up assesses your medical condition, the Lifebroker Financial Health Check assesses your financial situation.

Everyone has different needs at different stages of his or her life. When you are uncertain or are facing a financial shortfall, you may want to talk to us about your financial concerns. Our vision is to help you get what you want by providing quality advice, innovative solutions and "top of class" service in financial services.

The Lifebroker Financial Health Check aims to help you identify your financial needs and assist you to make informed decisions. Our Financial Services Consultants are trained to objectively analyze your situation and recommend suitable solutions that meet your needs. Let us help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.

Who Needs A Lifebroker Financial Health Check?

The Lifebroker Financial Health Check is suitable for everyone, regardless which phase you are in your life.

Spenders: If you are a young professional progressing in your career, you may like to start looking for ways to build a secure financial future.

Dependants: As a young couple embarking on your life together, you have many needs and wants. This is a good time for you to begin planning for your financial future together.

Accumulators: You have worked hard to provide for yourself and family. Your career has been advancing, you would be interested to find out whether you are also advancing financially. Now you can think about saving and investing for the future and it pays to start early.

Preservers: If you are a recent retiree, enjoying your golden years, there is no better time than now to review your financial health. You will be more assured as our Financial Service Consultants help you to ascertain whether you have adequate resources for retirement.

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How Do I Get A Lifebroker Financial Health Check?

Our Lifebroker Financial Services Consultants are here to assist you. On your first meeting, your Financial Services Consultant will get to know you better by conducting a Financial Health Review, known as a ‘Factfind. After which your Financial Services Consultant will prepare your personal Financial Health Analysis and analyse your financial situation. Finally, your Financial Services Consultant will provide you with solutions that will help you to meet your financial goals and needs. The Lifebroker Financial Health Check service is provided to you at no charge and you are not obligated to take up any plans.

When Should I Do A Lifebroker Financial Health Check?

It is beneficial for you to go through a Lifebroker Financial Health Check annually. You are also strongly encouraged to approach our Financial Services Consultants for a Financial Health Check whenever there are significant changes in your life. For example, events like the birth of a child, your promotion at work or the disability of a family member, all are calls for an immediate review of your financial situation

Get Started With These 8 Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Do you have a lump sum of at least ten times of your annual income for retirement?
  • Have you started preparing your child’s tertiary education fund?
  • Do you have an easily accessible cash buffer of six months as an emergency fund?
  • Do you have a critical illness coverage plan where the sum assured equals two times your annual income?
  • Are you insured with a hospitalization and surgical plan so that your medical fees will be taken care of?
  • In case of death and/or total permanent disablement, is your house mortgage fully covered by insurance?
  • Are you insured with death benefit of at least ten times the amount of your annual income?
  • Have you written a Will?

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